Indian LNG market forecast 2018 to 2030

India has been registering a sustained growth in terms of demand for natural gas and its outlook towards sourcing LNG from global supply destinations has been promising. The positive sentiments around India as a promising LNG buyer received a significant push when India (at COP 21, Paris) committed to reduce its carbon intensity by a third from 0.37 kg per capita of GDP in 2005. All the same, the government’s plan to double the share of natural gas in India’s energy mix – from 6.5% in 2015 to 15% over the medium term goes well with the positive perception of India’s outlook towards developing its gas market.

LNG supplier interest has shifted towards India and China as the next major demand centres. India has been registering a steady growth in LNG imports for more than a decade. The share of LNG in India’s gas basket is close to 50%. The global LNG supply glut and drop in LNG prices has further favored India’s appetite towards LNG which has resulted in a positive outlook towards a robust LNG imports scenario in the times to come. The speculations over India’s first FSRU terminal have been cleared by the arrival of H-Energy’s FSRU at Jaigarh (Maharashtra). The second FSRU from H-Energy is said to be up by Q3 2020 for the East coast. There are strong currents of more FSRU projects say Swan Energy at Jafrabad, etc.

The positive outlook towards a robust natural gas demand growth amid the ground realities such as domestic supply constraints, under-balanced gas pipeline and RLNG terminal infrastructure signals that significant ground needs to be covered in terms of infrastructure development and adopting innovative supply-chain approach towards penetrating gas markets through LNG. New disruptions and infrastructure developments are expected to happen in the times to come due to technological evolution in storage and regasification of LNG at end-user point of use across industrial (ISO Containers and Cryogenic Storage) and transport segment (LCNG, LNG in M&HCV).

PNGRB has aggressively notified 86 geographical areas for bidding for city gas distribution projects through round IX CGD Bidding and revamping of bidding guidelines. Given these strong traction in the Indian natural gas ecosystem, Mergen Advisory launches this report titled, ‘India woos global LNG trade with a double-digit LNG consumption growth | Indian LNG market forecast 2018 to 2030’. For further information and detailed Table of Contents (ToC), please contact