Nutraceuticals Market in Canada: A comprehensive breakdown of the Entry, Regulatory & Strategic Outlook

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary-The Green Leaf
  • Global Nutraceuticals Market Outlook
    • Demand – Supply trend, US, EU, Canada and India
    • Varying Definitions and Regulations for Nutraceuticals around the world
    • Canada’s footprint on Global nutraceuticals map
  • Major levers in Nutraceuticals Industry (major focus on Canada)
    • Market Size and Performance
    • Consumer profile
    • Usage type
    • Key drivers of growing Nutraceuticals  
    • Delivery methods and applications
    • Purchasing behaviours of consumers
    • Sourcing Challenges
    • Distribution Channels and Points of Purchase
    • Canadian clusters (provinces) for functional foods and natural health products.
  • Major roadblocks in Nutraceuticals industry
    • Pressure on water and sustainable agriculture
    • Competition with Conventional Drugs
  • Regulatory Landscape
    • Regulatory Framework
    • Deconstruction of the typical Certificate of analysis
    • Health Canada and regulations
    • Functional Foods and Natural Health Products Database (FFNHP) and Product filing application process
    • Monograph listings (including single ingredient listing)
    • Case study- Curcumin monograph for preparation of PLA.
  • Competitive Landscape
    • Mapping key players in the market
           1. Atrium Innovations

     2.  Biena (formerly known as Abiasa)

     3. Bio-K +


     5. Bioriginal Food & Science

     6. BurconNutraScience Corporation

     7.Canagra Technologies

     8. Chatham Biotec

     9. EnWave Corporation 

     10. KGK

     11.  Northern Nutraceuticals

     12. Ocean Nutrition Canada

     13. Pharmalab

     14. Sequel Naturals

     15. Swiss Natural

     16.Vita Health Products

     17. Yurtland Natural Health Market

  • Opportunities for private players- Gaps in existing supply chain, proposition and capabilities
  • Partnership, collaboration, Agreements, Expansion & Investment
  • Evolution of Nutraceutical consumption in Canada
    • Total consumption increase
    • Demand drivers for Nutraceuticals in Canada
  • Outlook on Nutraceuticals demand  
    • What the Future Holds
    • Transition in society
    • Industry on growth anvil
  • Overview on overall investment potential in Nutraceuticals sector in Canada
  • Conclusion

Key Questions Answered

  • What is the existing and evolving market size for nutraceutical in Canada?
  • What are the key levers for nutraceutical industry success in Canada?
  • What are the opportunities for private/PE players in nutraceutical sector in Canada?
  • What are the key headwinds and tailwinds in nutraceutical adoption, growth and sustainment in Canada?
  • What is the overall regulatory pathway for nutraceutical sector in Canada?