Custom Research

The custom research team contributes to the advancement of businesses globally through timely research, insightful analysis and scientific expertise applied to granular level data.

Custom-ordered Research
Sometimes you need a specific issue addressed or economic analysis prepared—and fast. You can access our team of experienced researchers to get the insights you need. Research results can be disseminated as to a wide audience or exclusively to you for your own use. Plus we can arrange distribution to key decision-makers and provide communications support, if appropriate.
We can work with you to develop specific strategies and solutions by bringing all of the Mergen’s insights and expertise together to improve results in your organization. Whether you need to know more about the latest trends, benchmark your company’s practices against those of leaders in your field, or collaboratively identify opportunities to help your organization reach its potential, we can help. We will work with you to help you generate the insights and to employ the tools and strategies needed to meet the challenges and sustain your performance. We employ dialogue and process consultation methods as well as group processes to help you strengthen team capacity and become a change-savvy organization—one that is ready and able to meet the challenges facing business today.
Ready access to in-house global data forecasts and ongoing project data from Mergen’s database will help you formulate unique strategies custom for your business

Research-on-demand services
We understand that each of our clients is unique. Just as a single solution doesn’t fit all similarly, a single research doesn’t fit all either. As part of the Research-on-demandservices, we offer customized studies and solutions.
Unravelling your competitive advantage in an increasingly interconnected world is complex.We help you make sense of that complexity. We have a unique proposition of formulating strategies and reports on the questions of your choice. We would answer questions ( but not limited to)

Where should we invest? What are the risks? How big is the potential market?
How are the competitors performing? Where is the gap in the market?
How do we navigate the risks in the market?
Is the market aware of our value proposition? How can we improve on our external messaging?

Dedicated Research Analyst Support – Onsite & Offsite
We understand that you can have questions anytime, anywhere and hence we present a comprehensive 24×7 offsite and onsite support . Our dedicated research analysts give a patient and keen ear to answer all the queries.